About Us

How did Fit Body Superstore get started? Adam Bonilla of Team Elite Physique quite simply got sick of recommending products to clients only to find out that later they did not have the ingridients in them promised. This happened with multiple products throughout the years such as protein powders busted for protein spiking, Intra MD busted for not having the ingridients it claimed to have had, amino acids being extracted from human hair versus fermented fruit as claimed. Finally Adam sat down and said “enough is enough, we’re going now carry our own products, sell them at low margins and use only laboratory tested products from 3rd party testing such as labdoor”. A couple months later Fit Body Superstore was created with a constant search for more tested quality products. You can rest assured that we will only carry 1 brand of each product category and that brand will be tested top 10 from an independent lab.